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My mom is very much of DIY person. I knew I wanted to change up the decor at home so I went to her go to fabric store for some fabric to reupholstering throw pillows. So glad we found exactly what I needed. There is tons of fabrics to choose from and reasonably price .

— Karla A.

J&A FABRICS has every type of fabric available and the lowest prices in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

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Are the most affordable in Bay Ridge


Chairs, Loveseat, Sectional, Ottoman, Dining Chairs, Headboard and More


For Bay Window Seats, Swings, Benches and Rocking Chairs, or any other cushion needs.


window curtains, drapes and valances

I love this store! Great hours and open on Saturdays. The staff is VERY helpful. I needed 100% cotton, wool, linen, and silk for a project and the man at the store went around with me and tested all of the fabrics for me until I got what I needed. Plus, the prices are VERY reasonable!!!

Margaret H, via.

Read other people on here talking about poor customer service. Went in there looking to buy about 5/yards of fabric. The guy didn't seem to friendly at first, but then he asked what I was doing with it and then he started laughing and told me I was crazy for wanting so much. He could have easily sold me more fabric than I needed, but instead helped me with my project and didn't sell me too much. He was very nice and helpful. I would definitely buy from this place again if I needed fabric. Great selection too.

Richie IG, via

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